Is This You?

You’re a hardworking product-based business owner and, you sell terrific products that the world needs. 

The problem is… nobody knows they exist.

You’re struggling with one or more of the following…

How to Build a brand?

How to do branding, start operations, and create winning products with USP and robust pricing strategy

How to Grow Business?

Getting more reach for your E-commerce business and growing it organically.

How to do Marketing?

Confused about which marketing channel to pursue and scale up the business?

You need a Mentor…..

A Coach to guide you through the Step by Step Process of building, growing, and scaling an E-Commerce Business

I have been in the same place in 2015, my son was 5 years old and my daughter was only 1 year old when My Little Moppet came to life!

I had no knowledge of entrepreneurship and every day was a struggle for me. 

I didn’t know-

– What certifications do I need to start on my own

– How to pack the products with perfection

– Didn’t even know how to manufacture the products 

– Market them 

– how to serve customers with precision 

Nonetheless, I embraced the challenge and learned everything in a hard way.  Failing was inevitable but trying again and winning was my choice. It took me months to be familiar with the process, there were days when I was too overwhelmed to carry on, but the financial freedom and sense of fulfillment the business gave me, was unmatched! 💞

That’s what made me carry on! 

Today I am blessed with lakhs of customers and a team of more than 50 employees but I don’t want my fellow mompreneurs to go through the same struggle as me.