I am Dr Hemapriya Natesan, Doctor turned Serial Entrepreneur owning multiple E-commerce Business with 9 Figure Sales Revenue . My mission to help 1,00,000 Women Entrepreneurs achieve Financial Freedom by Launching and growing their E-Commerce product based business. 

Are you struggling to grow your product based Business ?

I have been in the same place in 2015, my son was 5 years old and my daughter was only 1 year old when My Little Moppet came to life!

I had no knowledge of entrepreneurship and every day was a struggle for me.

I didn’t know-

– What certifications do I need to start on my own

– How to pack the products with perfection

– Didn’t even know how to manufacture the products

– Market them

– how to serve customers with precision

Nonetheless, I embraced the challenge and learned everything in a hard way. Failing was inevitable but trying again and winning was my choice. It took me months to be familiar with the process, there were days when I was too overwhelmed to carry on, but the financial freedom and sense of fulfillment the business gave me, was unmatched! 💞

That’s what made me carry on!

Today I am blessed with lakhs of customers and a team of more than 50 employees but I don’t want my fellow women entrepreneurs to go through the same struggle as me.

My System Worked For These Amazing Entrepreneurs ...

In 2021, I founded The #1 Fastest Growing Community E-Commerce Growth Lab for E-Commerce Entrepreneurs with product based business. 

With over 1,000+ members and growing, we are building a New Community of Supportive Successful Women Entrepreneurs.